Fixed Income Quantitative Analysis


GENESIS: Comprehensive Fixed-Income Analysis & Portfolio Management Suite

GENESIS is the GFA analytical platform that supports the quantitative analysis central to our activities. There are 5 major modules which can be accessed separately or in a unified system. All of the GFA consulting services draw upon this same environment. A distinguishing feature of GENESIS is its broad coverage which includes traditional fixed income, municipal bonds, and a wide range of derivative products. An integrated database supports all of the modules including extensive input data for the various analyses.

BONDSENS: Return Simulation/What If Scenario Analysis

As a portfolio manager, you need to know how your portfolio may react to changes in the market environment. BondSens can not tell you what interest rates will do in the future or how spreads will change, but it can tell you how your portfolio will respond to possible future changes.


How does it work?

BondSens analyzes how portfolios and individual bonds will behave in response to changes in interest rates. By analyzing your portfolio under a series of interest-rate changes, you can determine its sensitivity to interest-rate movements; hence, the program name BondSens. The insights provided by this type of analysis can help you improve the return and reduce the risk exposure of a portfolio.

BondSens uses a state-of-the-art model to compute returns and risk measures, such as duration, convexity and interest rate volatility. This analytical power makes BondSens unparalleled in the fixed-income software industry.

In addition, BondSens, linked to our GENESIS system, provides an extensive database from which you can easily build portfolios for quick analyses and easy exchange of data from one program to another. The system is Windows-based, so it has all the user friendliness that is the hallmark of Windows programs. Additionally, GENESIS operates in a graphic environment that is attractive and easy to use. The object-oriented design offers simple customization techniques.