"Practical state of the art investment technology is
our specialty whether in valuation, asset allocation
or portfolio analysis, litigation support or asset
- H. Gifford Fong, President

Gifford Fong Associates (GFA) has been providing consulting services and proprietary analytical tools to the financial and legal communities since 1974.

With proven expertise in the valuation and analysis of a wide range of derivatives and complex fixed-income securities such as Auction Rate Securities (ARS) and Structured Products (CDO, ABS, MBS, etc), GFA delivers high quality, timely and cost effective solutions to support transaction valuation, portfolio risk management, asset management, and litigation support services.

GFA offers a variety of equity and fixed income investment strategies for institutional investors and provides solutions for investors to optimally construct and rebalance portfolios. Investment strategies can be specifically tailored to preferences and constraints of the investors. 

Our clients include banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, investment advisors, accounting firms, attorneys and government agencies domestic and international.

Our services and products include: Independent Valuation, Fixed Income Analysis, Credit Risk Analysis, Derivative Analysis, Asset Allocation Modeling and Litigation Support. Our staff has extensive training and experience in finance, mathematics, statistics and computer science.

GFA is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise with the State of California.